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Stamps are more than a piece of paper, stamps are here to tell a story. Scroll down to read how going digitally helped us to do so.

A new stamp era.

Redefining Philately with Blockchain Technology!

Welcome to the future of stamp collecting! Stampfinity proudly presents its specialty – the Cryptostamp®. Combining the timeless charm of traditional stamps with the cutting-edge technology of blockchain, we are taking philately to new horizons.

Alright. But, what is a Cryptostamp®?

A Crypto Stamp is a physical postage stamp that contains a digital twin on the Blockchain, a so called  NFT (Non-Fungible Token). The NFT plays multiple roles in the Cryptostamp®. This digital component enables an interactive collecting experience while ensuring the physical stamps‘ authenticity by making them tamper-proof. It acts as a digital certificate of ownership and at the same time as digital collectible. And while the physical stamp has only one appearance, the digital NFTs can vary in colors, or even rarities and motivates collectors to complete their (digital) collection.  

Since the development of the first Crypto Stamp in collaboration with the Austrian Post in 2019, Stampfinity has been at the forefront of blockchain technology and NFTs, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation in the world of philately. 

The result? Over the years, the product has evolved in terms of security, user experience, and gamification, with the aim of offering collectors more.

Cryptostamps® issued worldwide

Journey to Excellence: Crafting the Ultimate User Experience

When it comes to things like Blockchain and NFTs, people are curious but also reluctant due to complicated instructions or long verification processes. For us, a good product is one where the technic behind is hardly noticeable. A fun experience doesn’t need you to sign up, download an app, or read a lot of instructions.

With the Crypto Stamp, we’ve made an interactive experience where all you need to do is scan a QR code to activate, reveal and store your digital twin.