Home to some of the coolest stamps in history.

Who we are.
What we do.

We are a postal stamp manufacturer. But we don’t do the usual lick ’n stick stamps – we make some of the finest, most amazingly crafted specialty stamps in the world.

Stamps made from old postman shirts. Or from tennis ball felt. And even recycled parts of old trains. We pretty much turn anything into a unique collectible. 

We are working on the coolest products in philately. Delivering the latest innovation in postal stamps for postal companies.

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Home of the original Cryptostamp®

Probably one of the most successful stamp projects in philately, is the world famous original Cryptostamp® 

The stamp with the unicorn, born in 2019, invented by the Austrian Post and developed and manufactured in cooperation with stampfinity, has set course to change the world of philately forever. By combining blockchain technology with the use of NFTs and card wallets, it was the worlds first, and truly one of a kind.

The happenings.

Stay on top of th news around our stamps. We will publish all the happenings where stampfinity is part of and where you can meet us. 

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